Carreer & vacancies


We are constantly looking for committed personnel to reinforce our team. Part-time or full-time: if you are interested to apply for a job during the winter season, send us an e-mail with your CV....

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A special qualification is needed in order to be allowed to work as a ski or snowboard teacher at a Tyrolean ski school. Should you not have this qualification, you are offered the opportunity to receive a training here in order to qualify. Further details regarding the dates can be found on

You can also work as a childminder. You will get a training at our ski school first which will enable you to teach children under the age of 6 the basics of skiing. During our weekly (extra) training sessions, we focus on the individual skills of our ski and snowboard teachers besides the technical basics of skiing.


In addition to the qualification for ski- or snowboard teachers, knowledge of the German language is of paramount importance. Knowledge of other additional languages, including Dutch, English, Russian, etc. is an advantage. Team spirit and a friendly attitude towards guests and colleagues are important to us as well.


We try to arrange affordable and well-situated accommodation for our colleagues. Unfortunately we are not able to arrange something suitable for all. That is why a proactive approach is essential.


Last but not least - our ski teachers at work in the morning. Thank you, Jue, for the impressions!