Frequently Asked Questions


All questions at a glance

On this page we have summarized all important and frequently asked questions and answers about our ski courses, locations, sports shops and services:


What makes Ski School Fankhauser so special?

With over 40 years of experience, we offer the know-how for quick learning success and fun with winter sports. In addition, you will be in the best hands with our complete offer including ski schoolski rentalstorageService and sports shops at 4 locations in the Zillertal: in the center of Hippach, at the Horberg valley station, and at the Horberg summit station.

How large are the groups with group lessons?

The legal framework of the TSLV allows for a maximum group size of 12 people (up to 13 in the short term). On average, we have below this number even in the high season. Especially for beginners, we like to have a ratio of 6 children per instructor. At the beginning of the week, it may happen that due to the different levels, some groups may be larger and others may be smaller. From midweek, the groups are generally rather small.

Are there foreign-language skiing and snowboarding instructors at the ski school?

When choosing our ski instructors, we place great importance on ensuring that the needs of our guests are fulfilled. Therefore, our team includes Dutch, German, and English ski instructors along with our local instructors. Some of our instructors can also speak Slavic languages.

Meeting points & lesson times

When and where is the meeting point for group lessons?

The meeting place for our group lessons is right at the summit station of the Horbergbahn. You should arrive at the meeting point 15 min. before the start of lessons. Groups are assigned on Sundays and Mondays, and due to long waiting times to ride up the lift, we recommend that you are at the valley station of the Horbergbahn by 9 am.

When and where is the meeting point for private lessons?

The meeting point for our private lessons is right at the summit station of the Horbergbahn. You should arrive at our ski center (RENT Sport Fankhauser), which is to the left of the gondola exit, 15 min. before the start of the course.


How old must my child be to participate in skiing lessons?

We have set the minimum age for our children’s ski school at 3 yrs. old. Of course, we do not always strictly adhere to this due to differences in children’s development. If you are in doubt, we recommend that your child participate in a trial day, and your child can then switch over to a multi-day children’s group course.

Are there discounts for children?

When 2 family members participate in a course (for at least 3 days), each additional family member will receive a 15% discount on skiing lessons.

Until what age can my child participate in the children’s skiing courses?

Depending on the physical condition and personality of each child, it is possible that even 14 year olds can participate in adult skiing courses. Of course, we cater to the individual needs and requests of our customers.

To which age groups does the “Junior Action” offer apply?

Our Junior Action ski course is mainly geared towards the skiing ability of children. Accordingly, the program strongly depends on to what extent safety can be guaranteed for individual practices. We usually start with children from 8 yrs. old who meet physical requirements. Thus, the transition between the children’s courses and Junior Action is fluid.

Course registration

Where can I register for my skiing lessons?

The most convenient way to register for skiing courses is through our online shop. Here, you can book your ideal group or private skiing course and reserve your skiing equipment. Once you have arrived, all you need is your booking code. Of course, you can also book lessons at our 3 stations in the center of Hippach, at the Horberg valley station, and at the Horberg summit station. You can find the exact address and directions here...

How far in advance must I register for my skiing lessons?

In order to ensure a guaranteed spot in our group course, we recommend that you book your lessons in our online shop around 1 week in advance during the high season. Otherwise, you can usually make your booking on-site a day before the beginning of the course.

What are the advantages if I book my skiing lessons online?

With online booking, you are guaranteed a spot in our group course. You can pick up your course card in one of our 3 locations, but even without this, you can still participate in the course with your booking confirmation, because you will already be in our system.

Skiing and snowboarding equipment

Where can I rent my skiing or snowboarding equipment?

With our 3 stations in the center of Hippach, at the Horberg valley station, and at the Horberg summit station, you can conveniently rent and flexibly exchange all of your skiing equipment. You can find the exact address and directions here...

What are the benefits if I rent my ski equipment online?

By booking your ski equipment online, you will receive a price advantage of 10%, and you can save even more when you arrive on-site by entering in your information at our check-in terminals. You can also enjoy our additional services such as free ski storage and equipment exchange option at our 4 locations.

Courses for professionals

Can I book a ski instructor for off-piste skiing and freeriding?

As part of our private courses we offer the opportunity to dive into the world of freeriding. For this, certain basic skills in alpine skiing or snowboarding and appropriate snow conditions are basic requirements.